This Might Be Our First Look at the Klingons in Star Trek: Discovery

Screengrab via YouTube
Screengrab via YouTube

A leaked photo that looks to be from the set of Star Trek: Discovery has given us our first peek at the new Klingons. And, yeah, there are some things we need to discuss.


A Toronto-based extra briefly posted a photo on Facebook and Instagram of his “Klingon Crew” chilling on the set of the new series. While the now-deleted photo isn’t official or confirmed, the costumes the Klingon actors are wearing do match the ones shown in the teaser from last month.

Screengrab via Trek Movie
Screengrab via Trek Movie

From the looks of things, the Klingons will sort of be a hybrid between the Klingons in Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country and Star Trek: Into Darkness, plus a dash of whatever the hell they thought looked cool at the time. The Klingons have ridged foreheads, except theirs go all the way around their heads and down their necks. A few of them have cone-shaped heads, and they’re all bald, which is weird because Klingons take pride in having long hair.

This doesn’t fully fit in with the timeline, since Discovery takes place 10 years before Kirk’s five-year mission, so Klingons would’ve been affected by the Augment Virus that smoothed out their foreheads. However, there are a few ways to explain around this. In the novelization, not all Klingons contracted the virus. It could’ve impacted some of them in different ways. It could be an entirely new canon. Or CBS simply said, “Fuck it, ridges look cool.”

In any case, it looks like these are the Klingons we’ve got. Star Trek: Discovery is set to debut on CBS All Access. The premiere date has been delayed several times, the latest being May 2017, but even that’s been pushed back to an unspecific date.

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Clarification: Added the novelization reference.




What in the fucking fuck?

Okay, the novelverse went with “not all Klingons were affected by the Augment Virus” and “the ones Kirk encountered were those affected by the Augment Virus and therefore considered lesser Klingons.”

But what in the fuck is this shit?