This Might Be the Worst Idea for an iPhone Case Ever

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I'm not saying you shouldn't rock an Attack on Titan cell phone case in the shape of the 3D Maneuvering Device's controller from the show. By all means, let your otaku flag fly. All I'm saying is: Don't pull this thing out in the subway if you don't want get arrested and/or shot. Because it looks exactly like an IED detonator.

The case itself is very cool. It's a faithful adaptation of the device from last season's monster anime hit (and massively popular manga) Attack on Titan and is available from Strapya World for roughly $38 US for iPhone 5c and 5S models. The outer trigger opens a shutter to enable your phone's camera—and makes you look like a mad bomber should you pull your phone out in public.

The case's textured rear panel also looks like the back end of a Luger handgun, which the police will find just as amusing as you do, I'm sure. [Strapya World via Chip Chick]

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I quite agree: this is a very, very bad idea. In Washington DC you will get thrown in jail if the police find an empty cartridge in your car. That's right, one .22 brass, an empty metal cylinder, will land you in the slammer. This thing will probably get you shot on sight