This Million Dollar Vacuum Cleaner Has Its Own Totally Worthless Rap

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The price of gold is at a record high ($1500-$1700 this year, depending on the day) and it will only continue to rise, based on current pattern of growth.

All of which is to say, manufacturing a set of 100 24-carat gold-plated vacuum cleaners—each with a price tag of $1 million—takes a kind of hubris rarely seen since the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. And maybe even more; pretty sure King Tut never commissioned a rap video this ridiculous.

Just Haver, VP of sales and marketing for Go Vacuum, conceived of the idea for a gold-plated vacuum while shuffling to his bathroom, his half-asleep eyes blinded by a golden light. (Okay!? ) It took about six months, but Mr. Haver's got is golden chariot of dust—100 of them, actually. "[T]he status and exclusivity of owning a vacuum like this can't be measured in dollar and cents," he told the Daily Mail. (But, uh: $100 million... for vacuums!!!?!?!11?!)


Anyway, each is equipped with a 10 amp motor, a 14-inch wide cleaning nozzle, and anti-marring urethane wheels. Not like any of that matters, because you'll never buy one.

But honestly, none of that matters. Not nearly as much as the amazing song that this folly has generated for us. [Inhabitat]