Most high-end digital cameras are inherently difficult to upgrade and tweak. But this modular concept, by Korean designers Dae jin Ahn and Chun hyun Park, suggests a different future for photography, where components can be swapped with ease.

Called Equinox, this camera system is based on a small square core, which contains a specific sensor and mount pairing. What you choose to do with that core would be up to you: a small, barebones grip if you only need the essentials, say, or a bigger grip that offers more controls if you know things will get serious.


Or maybe you're using it in a studio and don't need any body, so instead link the sensor to a computer and use software to take on the work (see below). Its versatility is what makes this concept so neat—and we think it would be amazing if it was actually real. [Yanko Design via Tog Tech via Peta Pixel]