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This Mr. Rogers Video Is a Trippy Adventure Into the Land of Gross Food

Watch as Mr. Rogers eats a new American classic—banana with a single slice of American cheese. Immerse yourself in his gentle journey. Imagine what he might’ve smoked beforehand. Slow it down, reverse it, bop it, pop it, twist it, jam it, but don’t eat it.


Like any good journalist, I tried this at home, and I had the opposite reaction as Mr. Rogers—it nasty.


Try it out. Tell me in the comments whether you’re #TeamMrRogers or #TeamEve.

[H/T @deaddigitizer]

Eve Peyser was the night editor at Gizmodo.

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I’m sorry. As much as I think Mr. Rogers is awesome, I can not condone the combination of American cheese (or cheese in general) with a banana.

Eve, kudos to you for stomaching that but it is truly nasty. I had to overcome some minor nausea watching you both eat that.