This Mug Screws Into Soft Ground to Stay Upright

Illustration for article titled This Mug Screws Into Soft Ground to Stay Upright

If you've ever struggled to keep your drinks in their receptacle at the beach, this concept will have your pretty excited: Screw Cup is a mug that can be driven into the ground to help it stay upright.


Designed by Barcelona-based Minji Jung, the cup screws into sandy beaches—or, presumably, other soft ground—to ensure it stays upright when it's windy above and soft below. The added advantage: because the ground is cool beneath the surface, it even helps keep cold drinks chilled.

Made from ceramic, it's currently still just a concept design. But here's hoping it becomes a Real Thing. [Minji Jung via Design Boom]

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Wouldn't it be better to have a cup holder that screwed into the ground?