This Mug's Customizable e-Ink Display Is Powered By Hot Coffee

If there are kids in your future, so is one of those mugs with a picture of your children on it. But wouldn't it be great if that image could be updated as they grow up? That's exactly what the Muki mug from Paulig promises, thanks to an e-Ink display powered by your piping hot coffee.

A wireless Bluetooth connection allows you to transfer images from a mobile device, so snapping a new photo of your kids every morning is easy. And so that there's never any batteries to swap or charging cables to wrangle, a thermoelectric generator on the underside of the mug steals heat from your hot beverage of choice to power the screen's occasional refreshes.

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You unfortunately can't buy the mug, at least yet. But it does exist, created as a promotional product for the Finnish coffee roaster Paulig. And if you want to give it a try, you can sign up to be a potential beta tester on the company's website—caffeine dependency and adorable pics of your kids not included. [Paulig Muki via Mashable]

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I think it's interesting like a great science project but can't imagine how this is a good thing that people need for any reason other than a high tech coffee "pet rock"