This oddly adorable Alien figure glows in the Dark

Super7 had a wonderful Alien Vinyl toy as an exclusive at San Diego Comic Con earlier this year - and it was so popular it sold out in about 20 minutes. Although this one is not the exact same one (it's all shiny and Glow-in-the-dark!), it might be a little easier to get your hands on. Only a little bit though.

The wee Alien - it's only about 4" - actually looks pretty cool in normal light, let alone when it's glowing in the dark, and is a one off run from Super7. Preorders opened on November 15th on Super7's webstore, and will close on November 30th, and the toys are made to order, never to be made again (well, I'm sure there'll be another variant!), so while the window to get one is much bigger than the SDCC original, it's still a pretty tight one, so if you're interested, get one while you can!


As ever with Vinyl toys though, this cute little fella comes at a hefty cost - $50, to be exact. It's a lot of money for a small figure, but that seems to be Vinyl design's thing. Still, at least he's pretty adorable for a chestbursting, face-eating Xenomorph!

[via Action Figure Insider]

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