This Perseid Meteor Was Photographed from a Very Special Place

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NASA astronaut Ron Garan has captured something remarkable. A shooting star. Not in his hand or with his telescope, but with a camera. Still not impressed? He did this while orbiting above the meteor!


It's one of the more impressive space-related photos I've seen in a while. Meteor showers are nothing remarkable for we earthbound folk, but rarely do we get the chance to see a meteor as it falls into the atmosphere.

"What a 'Shooting Star' looks like #FromSpace Taken yesterday during Perseids Meteor Shower..." Garan said yesterday while aboard the ISS. He made the update to his Twitter account, as he neared the end of a six-month stay.

Nice way to go out, Ron. Keep up the good work! [Discovery via Slashdot]



To me the most amazing thing about this photo and message is that they exist. The fact that an astronaut, while in space, is taking picitures and putting them on the internet with messages all in real time is freaking incredible. And it how's the true power of the Internet and Twitter. Makes all those tweets about what someone had for breakfast look even more frivolous. Not that I have anything angainst frivolity.