This Pioneer Turntable Really Grooves

Featuring direct drive and an auto-return tone arm, the Pioneer PL-4 remains a popular turntable sought after by collectors and audiophiles alike more than three decades after its introduction. And after watching this slick piece of retro-futurism from Light & Hevvy, mixing vintage-style shots with Mario Moretti's "In Love With Nebula," is there any wonder why? [LXH - Vinyl Engine]


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Cory Hauptman

Gonna be snob here for sec... HA! Nothing will ever match the Technics SL-1200! A design so good and timeless that it has remained relatively unchanged since 1972! They are tough as nails and the standard for the DJ community. Mixing, scratching, and all-around turntablism sounds the best when pumping out of a pair of Tech-12s. I laugh in the face of your Pioneer...