This Plush Ghostbusters Set Includes the First Stuffed Bill Murray

The film’s recent 30th anniversary has brought with it a wonderful influx of Ghostbusters merchandise that’s perfectly engineered to separate nostalgic (and now grown-up) fans from their hard-earned money. We should be outraged, but who could be with these over-sized ghost-busting plush characters that actually play dialogue from the movies?

For $22 each, shipping sometime in August, you not only get your favorite quotes on stuffed speed-dial (“Bite your head off, man.”) but also snippets from that catchy ‘80s Ghostbusters theme song. We love the fact that we can finally get a stuffed version of Bill Murray’s Peter Venkman in this collection, but are disappointed we can’t also get a stuffed version of Rick Moranis’ Louis Tully. [Urban Collector via Nerd Approved]


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