This Power Plant Blows O's and Doubles As a Ski Slope

Illustration for article titled This Power Plant Blows Os and Doubles As a Ski Slope

The only times I've noticed power plants are when they blow an obnoxious amount of smoke in the air. If I lived in Copenhagen though, I think I would hang out at their power plant. The waste-to-energy plant is called the Big Vortex and the roof of the plant will be used as a ski slope. Seriously, it's part of a permanent art installation by realities united. They've also rigged the plant to blow stylish O's in the air instead of the aforementioned obnoxious smoke. [realities.united via Neatorama]


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i just had a Toyota banner blocking me from reading about this....after it took me about five min to find the most recent blog which i found only by checking it's time stamp.....

looks like engadget will be my new number one.

thanks for ruining kotaku for me as well, gawker media!