If he can repair an intergalactic spaceship while it’s blasting through the cosmos, it only makes sense that turning water into steam would be child’s play for the world’s most multi-talented astromech droid.

Although, if cartoons have taught us anything, steam blasting out of his head means that R2-D2 could also be absolutely furious at something; probably C-3PO again.


This $100 tabletop R2-D2 humidifier uses ultrasonic vibration technology to turn a half-gallon tank of H2O into a cloud of refreshing water vapor without the need for a heating element or wicking filters to replace every month.

There’s also no fan which means R2-D2 runs whisper quiet for about 12 hours straight on the lowest of his ten different moisture settings. And when the water runs out, the droid automatically turns off to save power. But that’s about all the tricks this Artoo has hidden away. [Hammacher Schlemmer via The Green Head]


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