This Robot Dog Movie Is Transformers Meets Lassie

A crop from the poster for A.X.L.
A crop from the poster for A.X.L.
Photo: Global Road

It’s called A.X.L., and it’s about to change your life. Well, not really, but it damn sure is going to try.


Written and directed by Oliver Daly, A.X.L. is about a robot dog who is found in a junkyard by a boy, played by Alex Neustaedter. The boy and the dog form a bond, as boy and dog tend to do, but the boy soon realizes that this high-tech robot dog is government property, and they want it back.

The film looks cheesy as hell in a very ‘80s kind of way, but that earnestness seems to give it a kind of charm, at least in the trailer. That, and a sense of impending doom that the robot dogs are coming to take over the world.

Co-starring Power Rangers’ Becky G, Alex MacNicoll, and Thomas Jane, A.X.L. opens August 24.

[Global Road]

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“What’s that, Lassie? Timmy’s in the gravity well?”