This Rubber Band Gatling Gun Fires 14 Rounds Per Second

Rubber band gatling guns are not a new invention, but good God, they keep getting better.


The latest and greatest iteration from 18-year-old Ukranian design student Alex Shpetniy fires a startling 14 rounds per second from its 16 barrels. That's 672 shots in total. You can do a lot of damage with 672 shots. And it's completely made of wood! Handsome.

Shpetniy built a prototype of his non-lethal Gatling gun late last year and recently fired up a Kickstarter campaign. With just ten days to go, he's raised over $75,o00 and absolutely crushed his $5,000 goal. The gun runs off of five AA batteries and comes in three different colors—birch, burnt wood, and black—each with its own rack. The best part? It only costs $85. [Kickstarter]



I'll see your rubber band Gatling gun, and raise you Airsoft:

Some people buy houses when they win the Lotto - if I ever win it, I will buy one of these...