This Scary Zipline Roller Coaster Looks Like a Dizzying Way to Die

The first zipline roller coaster in the United States debuted at Florida EcoSafaris in St. Cloud, Florida and turns ziplining into a curvy course of thrill seeking fun. Instead of ordinary straight line ziplining, which is plenty scary already, the zipline roller coaster throws sharp turns and big drops. Fun!


Called the Rattlesnake, the zipline roller coaster takes individual riders off a 65-foot tower through 1,000 feet of railing. The whole ride takes about a minute and looks like it can get pretty scary since your body isn't tucked in with a traditional seat belt like normal roller coasters. What looks incredibly fun is that it looks like you're flying. Oh and those sudden dips too. [Orlando Sentinel]

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I don't like the part where you hit trees and bushes along the way