This Secret Door Lights Up Like The Entrance To Moria At A Single Touch

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Redditor Eclipse_007, blessed with Dwarven ingenuity, decided to install a secret doorway to a theatre room in their basement - and chose to replicate the entrance the Fellowship takes when they venture into Moria by turning the inconspicuous door into a gorgeous, light up panel that reacts to your touch.


Eclipse decided to turn the entrance to their basement movie theatre - let's just roll with this already awesome set up - into an homage to the scene in The Fellowship of the Ring where Gandalf and Frodo figure out how to open the starlit secret entrance to the dwarven city of Moria. Eclipse first wired up a box with LED's and then, after covering the front with vinyl plexiglass and meticulously carving the design by hand, installed it into the door frame.

Eclipse then went even further and repainted the door so it would blend into wall, and even added framing up the flight of stairs to further hide the fact that there was a secret entrance at the bottom. Here's an (unfortunately portrait mode) video of the door in action, which not only lights up but opens automatically through MAGIC technology when you touch it:

All it needs now is a system that reacts to voice, so you can say 'Mellon!' and get it to open up - which Eclipse is currently working on! Perfect. Check out a gallery of Eclipse's build process below, and then be relatively jealous that your underground theatre doesn't have its own secret door.

[Reddit via Nerdist]

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That's awesome! It'd be even better if there was a fake tentacle coming out of the door opposite.