Cycling is great, but transporting much more than your person from here to there means becoming a bit of a human pack mule. Buca Boot hopes to make the schlep a whole lot easier.

The box was designed to be used like the trunk of a car—a permanent fixture where riders can safely stow their belongings. It will fit on any standard rear rack and the screws attach via the inside, so once the top is locked, sticky fingered passersby can't make off with the whole damn thing. The weatherproof molded plastic frame and gasket-sealed lid will keep belongings dry inside—unless, of course, you're toting an unwieldy load, in which case you can roll along with the top undone (after carefully packing to ensure nothing will bounce out when navigating potholes and bumps in the road, natch). Plus, it's more substantial than either of these two storage bags.

City dwellers might not feel comfortable leaving honest-to-goodness valuables inside for a full afternoon, but it would definitely be a sweet spot for a helmet, a book, groceries... the list goes on and on. Buca Boot is currently in Kickstarter mode, and you can contribute here. [Buca Boot]