This Single Sofa Becomes a Full Living Room Set In Seconds

When you live by yourself, a sofa and TV are pretty much all you need in your living room. Unless you intend to shun a hermit-like lifestyle and actually invite people over to visit. In that case you'll need additional seating, and the Sofista fills both roles by transforming from a couch into a three-seat sofa, armchair, and chaise lounge.


And transforming the couch doesn't require you to unfold any complex mechanisms, swap cushions, or anything of the like. The three pieces all slide together like a pro-Tetris maneuver. At just north of $1,600 it's a reasonable investment given it's actually three pieces of furniture in one; or four if you include the fact that it turns into a bed for those aforementioned guests who decide not to leave. [Formabilio via Notcot]

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