Smartwatches can have some pretty useful functionality, but maybe you don't want to broadcast to the world that you're wearing one, or maybe you just prefer good old-fashioned analog. The Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity was made with you in mind.

The Proximity, while appearing to be a somewhat regular watch, actually has some small words written around its rim, words like "Mail" and "Call." Whenever your phone goes off, the second hand discretely jumps over to point at the relevant word, without affecting the time-keeping of the piece at large.


It's a neat idea, but there are a few downsides. It's only for iPhone, and iPhone 4S or newer at that and it's not particularly cheap either at $550. Granted it's also just a nice watch, so that's what you're really paying for. After all, it's a smartwatch that can't even tell you who is calling, but that's your trade-off for stealth, I suppose. It'll be going on sale later this fall. [A Blog To Read via Engadget]

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