This stunning Millennium Falcon model is made out of old Cardboard

Okay, so this rendition of Han Solo's trusty ship might be made out of the literal junk Luke Skywalker thought it was, but that doesn't stop it from being outstandingly gorgeous.

Imgur User Thomas Richner posted the album recently, including a ton of images of the build process - made after the decision to either recycle a ton of leftover cardboard boxes he had or build a five foot long model. Wise decision, Thomas.


It's an incredible sight to behold, and packed full of detail that you just wouldn't expect from a model brought together from old boxes. The texture of it all looks outstanding, and even though Richner hasn't painted the model to make it 'true' to the look of the Falcon, there's enough different colours in there that it almost emulates it on its own. Check out the full gallery below to see even more of this fabulous hunk of junk.


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