The current trend in fridge innovation involves adding extra doors, built-in soda dispensers, and pointless touchscreens. So it's refreshing when a company like Mitsubishi brings a truly unique advancement to its new refrigerators in the form of a freezer drawer that chills food to three degrees below freezing, without actually freezing it.

How is such a thing possible without warping the fabric of space-time that makes up our universe? Apparently the MR-WX71Y and MR-WX61Y refrigerators take advantage of a supercooling phenomenon whereby you can cool food to just before the point where it freezes, and then keep it in that near-frozen state for far longer than just a fleeting moment.


In fact, using a special drawer equipped with advanced temperature sensors and finely-controlled ventilation, the original flavors and nutrients in the food can be preserved for up to seven days. So it's not designed to replace a dedicated freezer for long-term preservation, but it will keep veggies and fresh meat from getting freezer burned before you enjoy them.

And if that isn't enough, Mitsubishi also developed a technology that allows the polyurethane insulating material used in the walls of the new fridges—available in June starting at around $4,100—to be considerably thinner while still keeping everything cold. Resulting in refrigerator models with expanded capacity on the inside, with a smaller kitchen footprint overall. [Mitsubishi via Tech-on!]

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