Lockheed Martin has published a surprising list of all the stuff that flew to space in the first Orion test. You are looking at one of the items: A Tyrannosaurus Rex's tooth fossil sent by the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Here's another one: A Cookie Monster's cookie and Ernie's original rubber duckie.


More items:

  • An oxygen hose from an Apollo lunar extra-vehicular activity suit representing humanity's first ventures to other planetary objects
  • A small lunar soil sample retrieved by the Apollo 11 crew on July 21, 1969.
  • The Museum's own flag first flown on the space shuttle orbiter Discovery in 1984 representing the era of living and working in space
  • And a futuristic sculpture awarded by the Museum as a trophy for current and lifetime achievements in aerospace representing innovation and excellence
  • Actress Claudia Wells' "Back to the Future" autographed photos and Delorean model that are packed on Orion for EFT-1.
  • William Shatner's Orion ticket and a Kirk figurine donated by the actor.

* That we know of. Maybe some dinosaurs were smart and left the planet in spaceships before the asteroid hit.

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