Who among us hasn't secretly wished to find themselves suddenly mutated into a crime-fighting chimera, despite the risk of becoming another Dr. Baxter Stockman? Now you can live out your Ninja Turtle fantasies—without having to skinny dip in Ooze—thanks to this radical TMNT backpack.

The TMNT backpack holds everything a ninja could need. In addition to its spacious 14 inch-wide by 17 inch-deep internal storage compartment, the pack also comes with a pair of nunchucks, a pair of sai, and two masks. There's no word on what the masks are—or what they cover—but the weapons are removable.


That's good, since carrying both Raphael's and Michelangelo's implements of justice is tantamount to sacrilege. The backpack is currently on pre-order over at Big Bad Toys for $55. [Incredible Things]

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