Want to mix music in a hurry or on the go? You'll like the sound of Openmix, a teensy new audio mixing tool being developed right now. With it, you can connect your iPhone to a Walkman with a cassette of rare bongo concerts, or switch between your laptop and tablet.

It's just a super small audio mixer that connects a variety of everyday gadgets. The fader isn't fancy. You can add sound effects using the third input, but for more serious mixing tasks, this isn't your tool. If you want a portable, easy way to combine two sound sources, Openmix looks like it could be a kickass (and cheap!) option, and one of the better projects on Kickstarter.


Of course, being one of the better projects doesn't mean it's a safe bet. It's a Kickstarter, so it might pull the Kickstarter Klassic and present with incredible promise and then never actually be a thing, so it's a little too early to get really excited about Openmix. But the simple concept certainly seems like it could fall into that other rare Kickstarter category of campaigns that actually deliver. [Boing Boing]