This Tiny Kia Soul For Kids Has a Better Sound System Than Your Car

Apparently just having their own car at the age of four isn't enough for some kids. It also needs to be utterly over-accessorized like this miniature Kia Soul that features more glowing lights and LEDs than a UFO, and a sound system that looks straight out of SEMA.


The pint-sized Soul's also got a combination FM radio and MP3 player in the front letting a couple of kids blast their tunes while cruising up and down your driveway. But when they finally pull over it doesn't mean the party's stopped. It's just the opposite, because the Kia's (fake) back window opens to reveal a pair of larger speakers and a set of microphones that lets the driver and passenger sing along with whatever song is playing.

Available in a handful of colors the Kid Trax Kia Sing-A-Long Soul is a hefty $400, and only tops out at around five miles per hour. But that speed can be further limited with built-in parental controls if your child gets too caught up in their tunes to pay attention to the sidewalk, patio, or hallway they happen to be cruising along. [Kid Trax Toys via Chip Chick]

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