This Tiny Transforming Travel Iron Should Be the First Thing You Pack

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The internet's full of tips on how to pack your clothing before a trip so it doesn't get wrinkled while you travel. But none of them are foolproof, and like it or not, there's probably going to be some ironing in your future. But that's a chore made slightly more bearable with this rather ingenious travel iron that can even be used while you're dressed.

The creator of the Collar Perfect is hoping to put his invention into production with the help of a $40,000 Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, and from the looks of it this could be one worth donating to. The Collar Perfect works kind of like a hair straightener, letting you clamp it into collars, cuffs, and other parts of your clothing to smooth out wrinkles, while you're wearing the garment.


But what seals the deal is the iron's ability to open up and flatten so you can use it with an ironing board to smooth out every last inch of a shirt or slacks. And with five adjustable temperature settings, it will be safe to use on everything from silk to denim. It's expected delivery time is sometime in April of 2015—if everything goes well once the Kickstarter succeeds—and early supporters can actually claim two Collar Perfects for just $50. But retail pricing will probably be closer to $30 or $40, which is still a good deal if it keeps you looking sharp and crisp while on the road. [Collar Perfect via Gizmag]