Nobody likes a fat wallet, especially a fat boring wallet with no real tactical capabilities. That's what makes the Mesh Card so appealing. This slim slab of featherweight titanium works as a standalone wallet, a multi-tool, or just a useful addition to your existing wallet. It even prevents data thieves!

At its most basic level, the Mesh Card is a sturdy support for your cash and credit cards which stay neatly in place thanks to a removable silicon band. The device also includes a bottle opener and works as a smartphone stand. Finally, the card will block your credit card details from being picked up by an RFID thief—though a polycarbonate bumper can block this feature if you want to use the wallet for touch payments.


This thing is not necessarily cheap. (It's made of titanium!) The Mesh Card comes from Australia, so it's $90 AUD—about $83 in good old American greenbacks. The shipping is free, though! [Silo]