This USB DAC Is Your Make-Music-Sing Deal of the Day

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Even if you've got a sweet pair of cans, listening to music through the on-board jack on your phone or laptop can be underwhelming. That's why you need a little gadget called a DAC, or a digital-analog-converter. They take the flat, quiet sound that your crappy on-board audio produces and make it clearer and louder. Whitson Gordon over on Lifehacker has a great piece about why'd you want to use a DAC. Some beautiful DACs are audiophile-level gear with audiophile price tags to match, but Fiio makes nice little DACs that are affordable, and one of the nicest models is on sale today.


B&H Photo is selling the Fiio E17 for $100, down from $150. The E17 is a combination amplifier and DAC, so you can plug it into a USB port when you're stationary but also use it as a battery-powered headphone amplifier on the go. Both Sound+Vision and Headfonia gave it glowing reviews, specifically praising its wealth of digital inputs. If you're just starting to get into the world of advanced audio, this is a great sale to jump on. [B&H Photo]

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Although Beats get a bad reputation from their overpriced, overmarketed headphones, when Mario Aguilar reviewed their Bluetooth speaker, the Pill, he found that it provided surprisingly large sound for the size. But he didn't like the price.


If you've always wanted a Bluetooth gadget endorsed by Dr. Dre, you're in luck! The homies over at Sound Earphones sent over the coupon code Dealzmodo that knocks 40% off the whole line. Check 'em out over at [Sound Earphones]

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ALL sound cards have DAC's... someone is just trying to use fancy initials to make more money.

Not that some of these USB sound cards may not be better than what's built in to your computer, but the attempts to get people to part with their money by using fancy technobabble always amuses me.