Why powdered alcohol is a very bad idea

Back in April a form of powdered alcohol was briefly approved for sale in the US—and many claims and counter claims ensued about convenience versus risks. But as this video explains, powdered alcohol is a stupid idea, offering no advantages over strong spirits based on volume, weight or ability to be concealed.

Because is not really powdered alcohol but alcohol on a powdery support, it contains a lot of extra weight and so is only about as alcoholic as vodka by the ounce. But as it is in a powdery form it is very fluffy, adding a lot of volume. You would have to snort a wine glass full of it to get as intoxicated as you would on one glass of wine—definitely not fun.

In fact, a plastic water bottle filled with clear strong spirits is a much more efficient way of transporting alcohol, if weight, volume and concealing your booze are really your main concerns.


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