This Water-Resistant Goldfish Pouch Looks Wet But Keeps Stuff Dry

As a kid, winning a goldfish in a plastic baggie at the fair was the best possible prize—until they inevitably passed on within a week to that great big glass bowl in the sky. This handy little Tyvek pouch has all the fond memories, none of the deceased aquatic pet.

This thing is small—four inches per side—so won't be able to hold a ton of stuff, but hot damn it's adorable. I'm thinking you could tote your keys and some cash if you're going out, or throw your quarters in for laundry day (Dynomighty calls it a "stash bag," so make of that what you will).


It's tear-proof and water resistant, so I guess you actually could put a fishie in there if you wanted. But hey: Don't put an actual fishie in there. Each pouch is $8 here. [Dynomighty]

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