This Week, the Unknown Triumphs Over Batman, X-Men and Star Wars

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If you're a hardcore comic fan, chances are that you're reading this on your iPhone or mobile internet device of choice, because you're already in line for your local store's special midnight opening tonight in celebration of two big Stephen King comics. But they're not the best books that you should be picking up this week. In fact, they're not even the best books being published by their own publisher. Of course, you'll find this out yourself as soon as doors open tomorrow, but why don't you just take a load off and let us tell you what comics you should be picking up this week?

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DC is recovering from their last few weeks of strenuous release activity, and their big book of this week is Batman: The Black Glove. It collects three absolutely beautiful, perfect issues of Batman adventure and four issues of lead-in to Batman RIP. But it's almost worth it for those three issues of greatness. Otherwise, the hardcover re-release of Gotham Central is also highly recommended. There's also something with the name of Watchmen: International Edition, which seems to just be a straight re-release of the collected paperback with a new cover, but was apparently "created especially for the international market," whatever that means. Meanwhile Dark Horse pushes the first issue of their Star Wars: Clone Wars tie-in, so it's down to Marvel to completely dominate the week, and they definitely try their best to do so.

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Aside from the two Stephen King books - a third Dark Tower series, called Treachery, and a first series based on The Stand called Captain Trips - Marvel launches four other series tomorrow. There's the alternate timeline from 2005's House of M series getting its own version of 2007's political allegory in the new Civil War: House of M miniseries, while classic X-Men writer Chris Claremont does his best to come to terms with Japanese culture in Big Hero 6. If those things aren't your cup of tea, perhaps you'd like to relearn about mutant terrorists (the new Magneto - Testament series, detailing the characters origins during WWII) or mercenaries (the new ongoing Deadpool series, which sees the indestructable insane mutant deal with the Skrull invasion of Earth in his own, individual style). Alternatively, you could pick up the one-off Cable King-Size Spectacular for Terminator meets Lone Wolf And Cub-style shenanigans, or maybe the Ultimate X-Men/Fantastic Four Annual, which - considering that it's written by Heroes writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite - surprises no-one by containing time-traveling evil versions of the characters from an alternate future. But even the promise of some Milo Ventimiglia-inspired action isn't enough to topple the most interesting release of the week: the hardcover collection of Jonathan Lethem's Omega The Unknown, his reworking of the cult (meaning "canceled due to low sales") SF superhero series by Howard The Duck creator Steve Gerber. Alienation never felt so hipster. As ever, you can find the complete list of comics appearing this week here, and then the the Comic Shop Locator Service will tell you where to find where to buy said comics. Between that and telling you what to buy, I don't know what else I can do for you. Well, apart from taking the money out of your wallet and handing it to the person behind the counter, that is. But that may be illegal or something.


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