This Week, Your Survival Is at Stake

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You know you worry about it sometimes. What if there were a massive earthquake, or a huge storm ... or you just got lost in the wilderness, with nothing more than your wits and a few gadgets in your pockets? This week on io9 and Gizmodo, we’ll tell you how to survive. Or not.


All week long, we’ll be posting articles that explore the theme of survival, whether it’s on reality TV or in that prepper pack you keep in case of a solar storm emergency. We’ll regale you with tales of how humans survived horrific events deep in our evolutionary history, and teach you how to poop in a bucket.

Most importantly, we’ll call into question what “survival” actually means. It’s not just lining your underground bunker with jars of peanut butter, nor is it outracing a mega-disaster on foot, the way everyone does in the movies. Instead, it’s about being prepared for ... let’s call them complications. It’s about knowing what to do with things go pear-shaped, but not obsessively devoting your life to prepping.

Get ready to endure nuclear winter, remember terrible disaster stories, and learn how to evacuate a city with us during SURVIVAL WEEK.

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Kazuhira (master) Miller

The great thing about living on the East Coast? No unexpected disasters. You generally don’t have to worry about earthquakes strong enough to knock glasses off the shelf, or tornadoes that can rip the roof off a building, or forest fires that sweep across suburbia.

The occasional hurricane will cause massive flooding, but at least you can see the coming half a month in advance.