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This Week's Top Web Comedy Video: Keenan Thompson at the Cool Kids Table

What's life like at the cool kids table? Even worse than you thought, apparently, as Keenan Thompson finds out. At least they're taking out most of their pretty ire on Zuck.


The rest of this week's top web comedy videos, including Robin Williams losing it and a family heirloom, can be found over at Splitsider.

Other highlights from the week in comedy:

- Louis C.K. and Andrew Dice Clay are going to be in the next Woody Allen film.

- Andy Samberg officially said goodbye to SNL.

- Someone is making the Community videogame.

- Chris Gethard made it to Bonnaroo alive and has videos to prove it.

- We talked to Scott Aukerman about the Comedy Bang! Bang! TV show and the career that prepared him for it.


- We spoke with Matt Besser about Freak Dance and improv4humans.

- We profiled a breaking out Aubrey Plaza.

- We celebrated the inherent comedy of Mad Men.

- We went through the archives to say goodbye, sort of, to Jack Benny.

- We talked to Reggie Wants about Comedy Bang! Bang! and his hair.

- We followed @JohnMoe on Twitter.

- We remembered Mark McKinney's time on SNL.

- We searched for a worthy successor to The Larry Sanders Show.

- We found the lost Simpsons spin-offs.

- We explored the unexpected comedy of Eye Wide Shut.

- We watched the comedy documentary Exporting Raymond.

- We told the story about life after a Murphy Brown walk-on.

- We answer the question: Is New Girl the first "post-post-9/11 show?"

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Growing up, I enjoyed Kenan and Kel and All That .

What happened to you Kenan? You used to be funny!