This Week's TV: Mark Hamill Reprises His Role As The Flash's Trickster!

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Yes, Mark Hamill is back in his second most iconic DC role in this week's The Flash. Will Syfy's Greek mythology show Olympus be cheesy fun or just plain terrible? Plus, Outlander's back from its honeymoon, Archer finishes up its season finale, and Steven Universe crosses over with Uncle Grandpa.


Top image: A Cyclops from Syfy's new show Olympus. At least the monsters look kind of cool.


Star vs. the Forces of Evil (8:30 PM, Disney XD)

After premiering way back in January, this show about a teen warrior princess from another dimension who ends up living on Earth, is finally airing new episodes. Two of them, in fact:

In an effort to get a better grade on her math test, Star offers to help her teacher Miss Skullnick with her love life but accidentally turns her into a troll.


Star, still unfamiliar with the lingo on Earth, misunderstands when she hears that the Echo Creek football team is going to "get slaughtered" and prepares a series of booby traps to protect them.

Scorpion (9 PM, CBS)

The team has to protect a key witness against a drug cartel, which means going on the run with her while the cartel hunts them down. Seriously, how is anyone on this show still alive?

The Returned (10 PM, A&E)

Lena is rushed to the hospital because of her scar, accusing Camille of hurting her. Rowan grows closer to Simon and discovers Tommy has an obsessive secret. Julie learns Victor may be involved in a horrific death.



Community (Streaming, Yahoo! Screen)

This week, the Dean gets a promotion while Annie and Chang audition for a play. I'm sure everyone will handle these events calmly and rationally.


Powers (Streaming, PlayStation Network)

This week's episode is "The Raconteur of the Funeral Circuit." Sounds cheerful.

The Flash (8 PM, The CW)

Mark Hamill reprises his role as the Trickster, a villain who has been imprisoned for the last 20 years. Barry will meet with this original Trickster after a younger copycat killer who also calls himself the Trickster shows up in Central City and starts setting off bombs. The one thing about guys who call themselves Tricksters: you just can't trust either of them.

Face Off (9 PM, Syfy)

Be sure to keep the lights on during this week's episode. The challenge is to create the next great creepy doll character.

iZombie (9 PM, The CW)

This week, Liv ends up eating the brain of a hitman this week, which makes her feel, well, like a sociopathic jerk. What may be scarier, however, is the appearance of another zombie — and this one is somebody Liv used to know.

Agents of SHIELD (9 PM, ABC)

Skye is struggling to control her new powers, and she makes a decision this week that will change her life forever.


Forever (10 PM, ABC)

This week, Henry and Jo tackle a cold case after the mummified body of a woman is found in the walls of a punk rock club. It tuns out that she's been missing since the 1980s, and her rocker boyfriend was convicted of her murder 30 years ago.



Arrow (8 PM, The CW)

Ray is critically attacked during an attack on the mayor's office, and Team Arrow tries its best to stay ahead of the police and find the culprit first.


Supernatural (9 PM, The CW)

While Sam and Castiel follow up on a lead about the Mark of Cain, Dean and Rowena meet.



Cartoons (5:30 PM, Cartoon Network)

On Steven Universe (5:30 PM), Steven's Uncle comes to town — Uncle Grandpa. Robin tries to teach the Titans to respect money on Teen Titans Go! (6 PM). And on Regular Show (7:30 PM), Mordecai and Rigby have to fix the garage door.


Archer (10 PM, FX)

The team's rendition of The Fantastic Voyage concludes in the sixth season finale.


Dig (10 PM, USA)

Peter (Jason Isaacs) delves further into Emma's (Alison Sudol) mysterious past, which ultimately leads him to uncover an ancient symbol that has been hidden for centuries. At the compound in New Mexico, someone from Debbie's (Lauren Ambrose) former life attempts to rescue her. Elsewhere, Lynn (Anne Heche) is put in jeopardy and Yussef (Omar Metwally) is faced with the decision of his life.

Olympus (10 PM, Syfy)

We have no idea if Syfy's Greek mythology show will be so-bad-it's-good or just plain bad. Given that the characters have names like "Hero" and "Oracle" and the whole thing looks like a green screen nightmare, our hopes are not too high.


Vikings (10 PM, History)

The appearance of the Viking fleet causes panic among the population of Paris. The Emperor Charles, urged by his daughter Gisla, announces in Court he will remain in the city. The defense of Paris is in the hands of its Commander, Count Odo, who hopes that a heroic victory against the Vikings will gain him Gisla's hand in marriage. The Vikings establish camp downriver from the city and plan their attack.



Grimm (8 PM, NBC)

Nick and Hank meet a Wesen heartbreaker — and apparently the term is used quite literally.


12 Monkeys (9 PM, Syfy)

With Cole dying from the effects of time travel, Cassandra must find the only person that can save him: a 2015 Dr. Jones.


Helix (10 PM, Syfy)

Peter finds his purpose as the new leader of Michael's order as the CDC team continues the desperate search for the Mother Tree.



The Good Witch (8 PM, Hallmark)

A dangerous blizzard arrives in town and a young couple need assistance weathering the storm. However, in order for the couple to survive, Cassie has to persuade Nick to follow her intuition.

Outlander (9 PM, Starz)

Outlander's back! Outlander's back! The time-travel series left us with a wedding. But married life isn't going to be all lusty evenings spent naked on tartan blankets.



Salem (10 PM, WGN)

Salem is trying to win us back by adding Lucy Lawless to its cast. We love Lucy, but not enough to subject ourselves to a second season of Salem. Sorry.



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