Thorin's Company looks marvellous as Lego figures

Finnish Lego fan Pate-Keetongu over at Cyclopic Bricks has spent almost two years crafting these awesome Lego 'action figures' of the cast from The Hobbit trilogy - and they look absolutely fantastic.


The 15 models, one for each of Thorin and his dwarves, as well as Bilbo and Gandalf, took a total of 580 days to make, and they're packed with detail - from straps and and detailing on each of the dwarves. It's remarkable just how easy it is to see each character in the figures, too: there's a skill in making the usual sort of custom Lego minifigure whilst still keeping them recognisable, but crafting actual, poseable figures out of bricks is something else.

Whoever thought Dwarven beards could look so extravagant when made out of Lego? Even Kili's stubble looks good!

You can check out plenty more pictures over at the link below, or see more of Pate-Keetongu's Lego creations on his flickr account.


[Cyclopic Bricks: The Hobbitsplosion IV]

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