Those Indians and Their Crazy Bollywood Robot Movie

Remember the movie I, Robot? It just got a lot worse. Actually, with all those craptabolous crazy singing-and-dancing Bollywood robots, maybe it just got a lot better.


Note: While everyone outside India identify Bollywood with this particular style of singing-and-dancing movies, the movie itself is made in Kollywood, as reader Harin Patel explains:

Cracked up when I saw this article! For clarification's sake, though (it really doesn't make a huge difference...) this movie is part of Kollywood, which is an industry separate from Bollywood. Bollywood films are produced in Bombay (a portmanteau of Bombay and Hollywood) and are made with Hindi as the spoken language. This particular film "Enthiran" is produced in a different part of India, specifically the Kodambakkam district located in Chennai, a city in the state of Tamil Nadu, and Tamil is the spoken language here. This industry is, unsurprisingly, called Kollywood (portmanteau of Kodambakkam and Hollywood). Many people aren't aware that Bollywood refers to just one particular aspect of the Indian film industry and not the entire industry itself.



This is a Tamil movie (Kollywood), not a Hindi movie (Bollywood). See, you can't blame us crazy Indians for everything :-P

In any case, even if it was a Bollywood flick, it would only be the tip of the iceberg for bad ones :-P