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Thousands Of Koi Thrive In The Flooded Basement Of This Abandoned Mall

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Bangkok's New World Mall was once a shopping center, but today it serves as a giant fish pond, its waterlogged lower level completely overtaken by koi.

Photo of non-mall koi by MarinoCarlos.

reddit user Omoi113 posted the series of photographs below from the New World Mall. After the mall's interior was destroyed by a fire, it was left to rot with no roof. The basement flooded, and eventually someone introduced koi, which feed on the mall's mosquitos. Now, the basement is packed with fish and has become something of an urban explorers' attraction.


That may be changing, however. In response to these photos, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has closed the building and ordered an inspection. If its found unsafe, the New World Mall will be demolished, ending the secret reign of these fish among the escalators.


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