THREE DAYS LEFT in our Sexy Robot Costume Contest!

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With THREE DAYS left in Gizmodo's Sexy Robot Costume Contest, we've seen everything from cyborgs and transformers to walking beer chillers! Can you do better than the current frontrunner? We're leaving the voting up to YOU.

All entries to the contest are posted on our Facebook page, where readers (like you) can vote on their favorite robots by "liking" them. On October 31st, the most popular robot wins! So get your 'bot production into gear, or visit Facebook to vote on the hottest robots so far. Winner gets fame, glory and a pizza, delivered right to their doorstep! Will the marvels of the future never cease?

Standard contest rules apply. Voting ends in THREE DAYS. We'll be accepting entries at up until... let's say party 'o clock on Saturday. Get your entries in early to give your sexy robots the maximum amount of exposure (yes, I have used that joke every time. It's good)!