Three-in-One Lawn Care Device Mows, Throws and Blows

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Why take up all that room in your garage for a lawnmower, leaf collector and snow blower when you can have this three-in-one device that handles all three tasks and only requires a third of the space? Oh, wait. You can't have this device because it's just a concept, but its modular design by Gustav Lamberg looks like a good idea, taking care of all of your internal combustion duties with just one noisemaking smoke-belching contraption instead of three.


There's not much explanation offered with these 3D renderings, but it appears that you attach a different front assembly for each of the three tasks. However, for a lot of the snowfall we see out here in the frozen tundra, that snow blower is not going to be quite tall enough. As a leaf collector, the device is going to need some sort of receptacle, too.

If he takes care of those small details, all Gustav has to do is add solar power, an electric motor with a long-lasting battery and robotic capabilities, and he'll be on to something here.

Lawn Fun From 3-In-One [Yanko Design, via Crib Candy]



Theoretically there are some efficiencies in having one power plant for three devices, but the power needs of the three tasks are very different.

My lawnmower and leaf blower are electric, but for serious snowthrowing internal combustion is the way to go. A motor suitable for snowthrowing, gas or electric, would be overkill for mowing or leaf-blowing.

Sorry, Gustav. Keep that one on the drawing board.