Throwback Gloves That Take You Out To the Ballgames of Yesterday

Some would argue that professional baseball of past eras was a simpler and purer version of the game, free from controversies like player strikes or steroid use. And this line of Shoeless Joe throwback gloves, that recreate designs from as far back as 1910, could help you relive those times—even if they're named after a player who was banned from the game after the 1919 Chicago White Sox scandal. Simpler times, right?

Hand-sewn from leather and other authentic materials, and using the original patterns from a half-century ago, the gloves lack the modern design improvements that today's players rely on. But some would argue that for $140, you're getting a more authentic experience of what baseball should really be about—namely bruised palms and sprained fingers, but loads of character building. [Shoeless Joe Gloves via Uncrate]


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