TiFinity Titanium Toothbrush: Like a Metal Scouring Pad for Your Teeth

If you're one of those do-gooders who follows your dentist's every whim, changing out your toothbrush every two months, then the TiFinity titanium toothbrush might be for you. Its inventor says it lasts ten times longer than ordinary toothbrushes, and keeps all those deadly bacteria at bay, too. But who wants to brush their teeth with metal bristles? Well, these titanium alloy bristles have supposedly "amazing properties."

These super elastic memory filaments of the bristle material constantly rebound instantly during brushing allowing for better penetration of the bristles in to the hard to reach areas between teeth and under gums!


Right when we first saw it, we assumed this must be some sort of status item. The big question is, how much does it cost? Take a look at this larger picture of the toothbrush, and find out:

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Since I get a new toothbrush maybe once every couple of years, this one could last me a lifetime. Tempe, Arizona dentist Dane Robinson, the inventor of the TiFinity toothbrush, hopes to start shipping this product in six to eight weeks for between $35 and $50.

Product Page [TiFinity Toothbrush]


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