Time Capsule Gets Obligatory Strip Down

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Well, that didn't take to long; aptly named Flickr user, nakedmac has taken the plastic white goodness from off of his Time Capsule, so we can all have a look under its panties. Things we have learnt; 1). There is a fan to get Time Capsule's cool on. 2). Nakedmac was one of those kids that destroyed his toys two minutes after getting them. Nakedmac, this is exactly why you're not allowed nice things. Tsk. Checkout the gallery by hitting the link, and be sure to drop anything we have missed in the comments after the jump. [Flickr; Thanks Bobby]



I don't get what Windows using drivers has to do with an external hard drive. When was the last time Windows required a 3rd party driver to use a USB mass storage device like a hard disk or a flash drive?

Also, what extra drivers does Windows need to connect to a NAS drive? Ummm.. none.

And get off of your high Apple fanboy horses as if Mac stuff doesn't have problems either. My wife has a Macbook and that thing's built in WLAN adapter still keeps going into power save mode for no good reason. I know it's not hardware, because when the machine is booted to XP the WLAN stays connected until you turn the machine off. I know it's not just this unit, because there's been a thread about it on Apple's own support forum with about a bazillion posts from people having the same problem.

And then how about the idiotic way that Apple set it up for people that use a Macbook with an external monitor: turn the machine on, close the lid (which makes the machine go to sleep), and then tap on the keyboard until the machine wakes up. This is what the actual Apple KB article tells you to do, so there isn't some better Mac way to do it. How hard would it have been to put a "when lid is closed do nothing" setting like Windows has in its power management ctrl panel?

And then should we talk about the various fucked up shit with the new Classic ipuds? Such as... reducing the amount audio buffer by half so that the uselessly tarted-up GUI could have more memory (so that people that use it with lossless and high bit rate MP3 now get dropouts), the firmware release that caused the thing to hiss loudly, and the fact that once the device syncs once it loses connectivity?

Oh, and how about Apple's aversion to giving its users any sort of FREEDOM? I'm of course referring to the fact that it's been years since you could stick a PCMCIA card into an Apple laptop, and the Sacred iPhone that only runs the software that Apple wants you to run. And what's with the frigging one mouse button thing?

It comes down to this: with freedom comes responsibility (to know how to install a driver and actually operate a computer). Windows allows for that freedom. Apple takes that away and give you only what they want for you to have.

No thanks, I'll choose freedom.