I love this. 1.5-inch embroidered badges with Velcro backs to attach to your bag, your jacket or even your computer. They are $6 each, except for the Lose It Or Lose It, which you have to earn the hard way:

In addition to making badges, both Randy and I are programmers. Relevant to this badge, we're both chubby programmers. We've tried a bunch of times to lose weight, but things always fizzled out after a couple of weeks, so we came up with a program that worked for us - take a long-term goal, break it down into one-week increments, and put actual money against reaching each goal. We call it "Lose It or Lose It".


That's how you get it. You gotta lose weight, so if you are a slim nerd, you are out of luck for this one. The Velcro band for your computer is $14. [Nerd Merit Badges]