Time to Enjoy: Find Activities That Fit Your Hectic Schedule

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You've got a problem: you're a very busy person, but you'd still like to find time for some fun. Time to Enjoy understands your dilemma, so it integrates with your iPhone calendar to help you find events when you're available.

What does it do?

The app taps into your iCal, and searches for events in your area. When you find something you like, you can automatically add it to your agenda.


Why do we like it?

Time to Enjoy lets you set your location, so if, for example, you're taking a trip to Los Angeles, you can search for activities near where you're staying. If you want to find something within walking distance, you can set the radius as low as 200 feet. But if you, rented a car and want to explore the area, you can up it to as much as 50 miles.


It also provides all the details you'll need, such as directions and the price. Filters can be added, so if you don't like roller coasters, it's not going to include theme parks in results. If you don't want to fly solo, you can invite friends along through a Facebook and Twitter or a text or email. Time to Enjoy makes sure you're never bored.


Time to Enjoy

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The Best:

Connects with iCal

The Worst:

Requires internet