Timeless Will Get a Chance at Closure With a Special 2-Hour Finale

Team Timeless will ride for one last adventure later this year.
Team Timeless will ride for one last adventure later this year.
Image: NBC

Timeless ran out of luck (again!) at the conclusion of its second season with news that it had been re-canceled. Ever since, the show’s hugely dedicated fanbase has rallied in an attempt to save the show once more—and they’re being rewarded, albeit not with a third season.


Entertainment Weekly reports that NBC and Sony Pictures Television have confirmed that Timeless will air a two-hour finale movie, with the main cast of the show reprising their roles for one last time. Here’s a statement from showrunners Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke about the show’s fleeting return:

While we wish we could’ve made another dozen seasons of Timeless, this is the next best thing. We’re thrilled to take the Lifeboat out for one last spin and bring closure to our story. The studio, network, cast and crew are all doing this for one reason only: the fans. Because they deserve it. Because the fans made this happen and we thank them for their passion, support and helicopters. So? You guys want to get Rufus back or what?

While this isn’t the new season fans have been fighting for ever since the news of the cancellation, at least Timeless is getting a chance to conclude on its own terms, instead of being left on a cliffhanger as viewers wonder what might have been (looking at you, Syfy). The Timeless finale is set to air on NBC this holiday season.



idea: stop ending seasons on goddamn cliffhangers. pretty much EVERY show does it, and pretty much EVERY show gets canceled before everything is wrapped up and then fans bitch and moan for years before there’s some half assed TV movie or comic book (at best). usually nothing.

having years-running arcs aren’t worth it. both for the show, and for those willing to invest time in the show. why bother watching some niche genre TV when 9 times out of 10 it’ll get cancelled? IF you’re lucky the network will air the full season. if not, they’ll air episodes out of order and pull the plug half way through.

why bother? why don’t show runners learn?