Titans' Season 3 Trailer Teases a Death in the Family

Oh Jason, you *know* you should be staying away from abandoned fairs and crowbars, buddy.

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Curran Walters as Jason Todd, now transformed into his alternate DC Comics persona, the Red Hood, in Titans' third season.
Oh my, what big eyes you’ve got, Mister Hood.
Screenshot: HBO Max

We’ve known for a long time that Jason Todd will become the Red Hood on Titans this season, but our first look at the series’ return as an HBO Max exclusive gives us a glimpse of its take on one of the most iconic Batman storylinesand how the team’s going to react to the fall of the Dark Knight’s latest boy wonder.

HBO Max just dropped the first look at Titans season three, and while we know there’s a ton of stuff on the way this season to give our heroes plenty to handle, the big focus here is on Curran Walters’ Jason Todd and the fateful encounter with the Joker that leaves him for dead... before, thanks to the magic of superhero comics, his transformation into the ruthless vigilante the Red Hood.

Most of the trailer here is about framing that fateful moment, and what looks like both Bruce Wayne (Game of Thrones’ Iain Glen) and the Titans team reacting to Jason’s brutal downfall. But we know there’s going to be much more for the crew to deal with this season. We know Blackfire’s on the way, played by Damaris Lewis, after the events of the season two finale, and Anna Diop’s Starfire is getting a swanky new supersuit to go up against her sister. We also know the Batfamily is expanding this season, with both Tim Drake and Barbara Gordon joining the series, played by Jay Lycurgo and Savannah Welch, respectively, presumably to deal with the whole “so your billionaire father figure’s latest ward just got his skull caved in by an evil clown” thing.


So how will the Titans deal with Jason’s fall and return as a potential frenemy in the Red Hood? You won’t have much longer to wait to find out: Titans’ third season begins streaming on HBO Max August 12.

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