TiVo HD Lifetime Service Transfer: $199 For a Limited Time

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This is a semi-good deal if you've already purchased a lifetime subscription on your old Series 2 units and want to upgrade to a TiVo HD. For the medium, medium price of $199, you can transfer your old sub to the new unit if and only if you purchase an HD unit between October 11 and November 8. Plus, your old subscription has to have been activated before October 1, 2003, and not have been already transferred to some other machine. If you fit through all these caveats, feel free to fork over even more money to TiVo. [Zatz Not Funny]



$199 (Subscription) + $250 (HD Device) = 2.5 years of HD DVR rental from your local friendly cable co

So, check my math skills here.. Comcast's HD DVR is $11.95 per month. That appears to be over 3 years of use before you catch up with the price of the TiVo .. AND you are ignoring the fact that you already chipped in some big bucks for the original 'lifetime' agreement.

I think, at best, we are talking even money between buying a TiVo system, or renting it from your cable provider. Personally, it seems Comcast's option is the better deal. To me, $450 up front is ultimately much more expensive than $12 per month, even 3 years later, because I would have invested that money in other things - even if that meant avoiding paying interest on it via a credit card.

But, once again, you may want to check my math on this.