Tizi Puts Live TV on iPads With Just a Little Black Box

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You can get live TV on your iPad with EyeTV just fine, but that requires streaming from a computer. Not so with Tizi, which packs it all into a tiny box that works from anywhere—in select European countries.


Tizi pulls in DVB-T/DT signals, uses its ARM 9 processor to decode them, then streams to your iOS device over Wi-Fi. The accompanying Tizi app offers an on-screen channel guide, and you can multitask your way out of having to watch any commercials.

The portability is the big draw here; the box looks small enough to carry around in your pocket, and claims a 3.5 hour battery life. It's also compatible with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and recent-generation iPod Touches. The big drawback? The device looks to be available only in Europe for now, although you can download the app in the US App Store. Does that mean there are plans to hop over the pond? Well, not necessarily. But a guy can dream, and dream small. [Tizi via Wired]