To The Brink: JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis: A Remarkable Retelling of History

In October 1962, America spent 13 days on the brink of nuclear war as Russia and the U.S. were in standoff over nuclear missiles the Soviets had sent to Cuba. President Kennedy and his cabinet resolved the crisis and the missiles were removed, but how? Learn all about it in a new app from the JFK Library, the National Archives, and AT&T.

What does it do?

Shows photos, documents, and audio from the agonizing two week deliberation that led to the peaceful conclusion of the Cuban Missile Crisis.


Why do we like it?

Apps like these are one of the reasons for having a tablet. The content is taken from an exhibit of the same name currently on display at the National Archives in DC and the JFK Presidential Library in Boston. The app retells what was arguably the defining moment of Kennedy's presidency in a well-designed, engrossing format. This event is a very important part of history—the current state of world affairs would be completely different had the crisis not been resolved peacefully. The app makes the story and the drama of the Cuban Missile Crisis come to life 50 years later.


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